Rotherham 10k and FunRun 2019

Rotherham 10K Entry Conditions:General

To the extent permitted by law, you agree that you will not hold the organisers of the Rotherham 10k and Fun Run responsible for any loss, damage or injury which arises before, during or after your participation in the race.
For your safety and security: You agree to provide the identity and contact detail (phone preferred) of your next of kin and to tell us of any pre-existing medical condition which could be important during your participation in the event. Such information should also be written on the reverse of your bib number on the day of the race.

Rotherham 10K Entry Conditions:Data

You agree that the organisers may store and use your personal data (notably your name, gender, date of birth, address if provided, email address and mobile number.
The organisers will keep your data secure and private on our secured website.
You agree to the use of the following items of personal data as part of race reports or result list publication: limited to your name, club if you are a club member, gender and age category.

Rotherham 10K Entry Conditions:Images

You agree that the organisers may use photographic images in which you are included taken in connection with the race for the purpose of advertising the race or reporting the event.